Monday, June 26, 2006

Road Trip

It’s Saturday afternoon and Matt from the shop has just returned from the Henry’s Fork. He stopped by my home to drop off a set of keys and to fill me in. Unfortunately I was entrenched in a phone conversation that I couldn’t break from, so he barely wet my whistle before I had to get back to my call. By the time Monday rolled around, there wasn’t much time to think more about wetting a line.

Monday 7:30am I get the first of the weekends fishing reports. It’s been a while since I’ve taken time to fish and the calls are getting to me. Plain and simple, the fishing is really good and it's good all over. It’s that time of year when making a decision regarding where to go gets difficult. Time maybe the limiting factor.

Pete, and old shop rat, and a few of his buddies ring me up at 8:30 am. It’s a three cup starter and I’m already into my fourth when he calls. They’ve just returned also from the Henry’s Fork. He started out the conversation something like “man you gotta get up there. Brown Drakes, Caddis, PMD & Flav Spinners all over the waters, it was awesome”. With the long weekend ahead I’ve been eyeing a window of opportunity to travel. Regardless of what I have on my plate, it my just have to wait. Hopefully the recent politics that I’ve been caught in the middle of will be such that I can escape for a brief reprieve. Sounds like the years first “Road Trip” may be in order.

I’d stick around here, but part of my motivation is to escape the little head wave we are having. Arriving back at the shop after a meeting with DWR over the Green River Development the outside temperatures have reached 97. The massive caldera that precolates the prolific waters of the Henry’s Fork will yield far cooler temperatures. I despise heat, andtolerate it only when emersed in water somewhere. So far the plantes seem to be lining up and there's great motivation to get things do to clear my calendar of anything that may impede a few days of camp coffee, drakes, and Grub Stake lunches.

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