Monday, June 26, 2006

Development Progress

Friday we met with Kevin Carter of SITLA to discuss options that may still be available to those who are seeking alternatives to the use of this 363 acre parcel other than what is currently on the table. Unfortunately there are no easy solutions given the mandate that SITLA must follow.

The good news is tha there are opportunities and there are interested parities with the financial ability to purchase this parcel. However, SITLA, at this late juncture must perceive that there is a viable and competitive market that is capable of entering into a financial arrangement before triggering this process. I don’t think that this is going to be difficult to prove or initiated. But that’s where the process gets complicated.

Regardless of the direction that this project moves, there is still a fair amount of uncertainty. After our meeting it was clear that their mandate for moving forward in a direction that suits the public's interest is not one that is cut and dry. However, thanks to everyone’s letters some doors have been opened and options made available. If we had not gotten involved this would have already been a done deal. As a result SITLA has granted us time and graciously given us opportunities. I respectfully use the term gracious due to the late nature of our intervention. After all we entered into this process at the 11th hour.

The deadline for their decision could come as late/early as July 7th. At his point in time that decision would involve staying the course and leasing the parcel to the Flint Timber and Spinner Fall Guide Service or triggering the purchase process. To my understanding, should they enter into the latter of these two options, decisions won’t be made until December.

Letters are still a good thing to send in. Again if you should write, keep the letters positive. As Kevin said, correspondences that start why “Hey Asshole”, don’t get paid much attention. His office has responded to our requests. Public sentiment has opened the door and we’ve got as good an opportunity to change the course as we are going to get. If you are going to throw expletives around, they should be directed to those currently seeking to develop this land.

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