Sunday, January 17, 2010

Harrmian State Park Threatened

There is movement afoot in Idaho to eliminate funding for the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) by Governor Otter in an effort to trip the 2010 state budget.  In doing so he would move the state part system into the Department of Lands, saving the state and estimated $10 million dollars. 

For those who fish, this could and most likely will result in the elimination of Harriman State Park, home to the fabled fishery known affectionately as "The Ranch". This particular section of the North Fork of the Snake River, the Henry's Fork, was donated to the state of Idaho by the Harriman Family.   Under their aggreement, should the state default on any aspect of the agreement, the park would revert back to the family.  Should the governor get his wishes, that is exactly what would happen. 

Given the current economic climate, the move by Governor Otter are a threat to this national treasure and other valualbe resources in the state that are protected by their Idaho State Park Status.  For Harriman State Park and it's globally recognized waters, this resoucre is vital to those fragil communities that depend on this resource for their livelihood. 
To read more about the Governor Otters proposal read: 
Keep Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation. At the end of the article there are additional links to express your concerns to the Idaho Legislature and the Governor.   There is also an active petition:

Make your voice heard.  Even if you have never fished these incredibly unique waters, it is imperative as an angler, conservationist, naturalist or user of this park to insure that the stay within the current system and remain protected for all to enjoy.  There are options, and far better ones than what is currently being sought by Governor Otter.