Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Big Guy

Its not everyday one gets to fish with their mentor whose skills and generosity have made him one of the unsung figures in flyfishing.  Through the years Emmett Heath and I have revolved through a variety of doors before coming full circle and again find ourselves entwined in business once again and more importantly even fishing together now and then.  For both of us, at this juncture in our lives, our recent hook-up only seems fitting.  

Emmett infused his talents and sense of ethics over twenty years ago into our guide service.  That sense of ethics and stewardship drifted away during his absence.   It’s nice to have him mentoring a new generation of guides with his soulful philosophy and sense of right.  Given the way most guides operate these day, most could all use a dose of his wisdom and tutelage.

For the first time since rejoining Western Rivers, I and several of my staff had the privilege of fishing with the “Big Guy”.  This seasons summer seemed has passed much too quickly for anyone’s liking.  Knowing that opportunities to fish the Green River and spend some time with our guides was slipping away had several pulling the Red Eye on what would end up being a spectacular day.

It is amazing how easy it is to take a resource as spectacular as the Green and those that are in your backyard for granted.  That is something Emmett has never done nor lost sight of.  He’s rarely left this panoramic country, simply recognizing that this prolific fishery suits him just fine.   Each time I and others have the opportunity to be on his river, I’m reminded of this.  This day, like those in the past was no different. 

keen eye and perspective on his place in the history of the Green River and what a precious gem this uniquely clear river is.  We got a sense of that before we reluctantly parted company late that day, and in leaving a sense of regret that we hadn't taken the time to do this more often.  Such surreptitious journeys have become a rarity over these past years.  Such seems to be casualty of life as of late. All of us hoped that will change one day.