Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For now a Reprieve

Monday the fishing community received a gift. Gayle McKeachnie called to inform us that he had received information regarding the Green River Development that we would find interesting. We were all ears.

After receiving confirmation on Friday that SITLA had come to a decision and would announce their deal on Monday, we were optimistic that the angling community’s efforts and voice had been heard. At 2:00 pm our speculation was confirmed. Kevin Carter and his office had decided to hold off on their decision and for the mean time and not lease those sensitive lands within the Green River corridor to Spinner Fall and it’s partners.

In today’s Salt Lake Tribune there was an article stating that SITLA would not make a decision on how best to deal with this controversial parcel for another 3-4 weeks. More good news!

Keep writing those letters. At this juncture should you respond, please express your feelings and concerns in a positive light. Since we have our foot in the door, we don’t want to slap the hand that has extended the “Olive Branch”. E-mails should be sent to the following addresses:,,,

We’ll done everyone. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated at to this issue progress.

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