Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Decision has been Made

SITLA has made it's decision to put the Little Hole parcel up for public auction. Here is the information that led them to their decision: http://www.utahtrustlands.com/surface/landSales/pdfs/06%200901%20Record%20of%20Decision%20-%20Little%20Hole.pdf . This is very unfortunate, although I can't say that I'm surprised. We have 15 days to appeal their current motion, but only the DWR can make this gesture. Since SITLA announced this late Friday, we've already lost 3 of those days, SOB's.

SITLA more or less ignored the Divisions offer, which included parcels of equal or more value plus cash. It seems there is more here than meets the eye. If it’s true that this agencies agenda is to maximize it’s profits from their inventory of owned lands, then the DWR’s offer was their best. Their offer would have preserved this parcel for it’s wild and scenic values yet given Trust Lands the opportunity to achieve their goals.

I believe that the current Georgia developer and the money behind them would prefer to purchase this parcel vs. lease it. To some degree we have played into their hands. However, there are still options available and they will be exercised and explored.

I received an e-mail from a fellow angler who ran into Dudley at Cabela’s the other day. His comments regarding their conversation around this project were interesting. Dudley believes that those of us who aren't in opposed to this project are just jealous of the opportunity and if we had thought of it first we would have exercised the same option. Problem is we're all too busy trying to protect our fisheries from just such projects. Personally, having traveled and fished extensively throughout the west, the development that's taking place on most of our western waters I find appalling. This should give you some idea as to where his head is at.

Unfortunately there is more work to do. Another issue that, should this development go through, is its potential for a Wild and Scenic designation. The Green as it crosses from Utah into Colorado is of highest priority for this. This project will significantly impact this designation. To date there are no rivers in Utah with such a classification. I’m sure the Daggett County Commissioners will do what they can to keep this from happening and are motivated by this project with this little caveat in mind.

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