Sunday, July 16, 2006

Still Going

Time seems to be standing still as we continue to have meetings with a variety of entities in a continued effort to preserve the Little Hole parcel. We have been trying with no success to get Mr. Carter to treat this parcel with special considerations. Within the content of their own borchure they can treat such sensitive properties with consideration to their unique values. The special consideration we would be to allow a purchase to take place between DWR and SITLA that satisfies their mandate yet preserve these lands for a use that best suits the public and wildlife.

Should Mr. Carter not allow such a transaction to take place then the parcel will go to auction. Given the news from last weeks meetings and inquiry’s the Division would be unlikely to win out under this scenario. Rumor has it that Flint Timber is only the developer. A Las Vegas Casino owner, actually he or they own several of them, is the money behind the Lodge proposal. We have heard this from two different sources. When we asked Mr. Carter about his thoughts should this be true, he said that he really doesn’t care who the backers are as long as SITLA satisfies its criteria. I wonder?

He obviously cares, otherwise he would not have responded to the publics input and concerns. His other comment should this rumor be true, is that in time people will forget. He obviously spends little time on the Green. Ever time we fish these waters we will be reminded of Mr. Carter and SITLA’s decision, good or bad. Given this states position on gambling and lotteries I wonder what the powers that be think. SITLA’s had considerable bad press over the past several years. I don’t think this is the kind of feather in ones cap that will make people forget such news, yet should these lands be set aside in the best interest of the masses, they stand to gain a fair amount of good press and public sentiment.

Last Wednesday morning, Paul Dremann, Rich Seamons and David Sedar met with Mike Styler(DNR)and Jim Karpowitz (DWR). Not having heard from their offices since our last sit down, we were getting nervous about their position and efforts to broker this deal. Although they have had numerous opportunities in the past to secure the lands from SITLA, they have failed to do so. Although they say that this Little Hole parcel is of high priority and has been for years we have seen little evidence to support their position.

More players are coming to the table everyday in support of the anglers efforts. Hopefully, in combination there will be anoffer that will be acceptable to the powers that be. There is really a win win for SITLA and those who oppose the construction of the Lodge. That decision is in their hands and theirs alone!

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